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Asthma and basic information

Environmental researchers have proved that the room air we breathe in is more contaminated than the air outside. In fact the air we breathe during our sleep, relaxation at home or office is more polluted and it is this polluted air that makes us fall sick easily.

The ultimate way to solve this problem is getting an air purifier. Air purifiers are helpful to people suffering from asthma and allergies due to pollen grains, mold spores, pet dander, microorganism and bacteria.

Ultra violet air purifier destroys chemical and biological contaminants like viruses, mold, allergens, cigarette smoke, bacteria, diesel fumes, pet odors, construction dust and many other airborne contaminants.

Asthma is a condition characterized by breathing difficulties caused by narrowing of the airways (bronchioles and bronchi) leading to the lungs.

Persons Affected:

It occurs in 3 to 5 percent of all people at some time in life. It affects all age groups except newborn babies and affects both the sexes equally.

Symptoms and causes


The main symptoms are breathlessness, wheezing cough usually getting worse at night. In a severe attack, the breathing rate increases sharply and pulse rises. The person is not in a position to speak due to breathlessness. The skin may turn blue due to lack of oxygen, known as cyanosis.


The usual cause is bronchiole hypersensitivity to foreign substances in the air. The foreign substance could be pollens, air borne pollutants like vehicle emissions, animal fur, smoke, smog, cigarette smoke, ozone, perfumes, hairspray etc,. There is a worldwide increase in the number of asthma patients due to increase in the smoke levels in the cities.

Treatment & Role of Air Purifiers:

The day to day treatment involves management to avoid the trigger which triggers the asthma attack. A person spends most of his time indoors and presence of purified clean air can help a lot in preventing triggering of asthmatic reaction. A purifier works by removing environmental triggers like airborne allergens contaminants, smoke and smog.

A person cannot avoid exposure to polluted air but he can certainly control the environment in his dwelling or work place. Further an air purifier provides relief to the lungs of an asthmatic person by providing clean air so that he can breathe easily.

An air purifier works by cleaning the air indoors and prevent triggers like smoke, smog, pollen, exhaust fumes etc reaching inside the room.

Care should be taken to avoid air cleaners which produce ozone, which rather than reducing asthma may trigger an asthma attack.

Travel To Madeira Without Pre Holiday Tension

´╗┐Copyright (c) 2011 Robert James A holiday can, in itself, prompt anxiety and stress. You have waited all year for the date to arrive and you are placing so many hopes on that stay away from home. It just has to be perfect. Indeed, you just cannot afford for anything to go wrong - and this fact can end up heaping more pressure on you as the precious time approaches. Madeira is well known for its relaxed atmosphere. It would be a shame to spoil your stay on the island because preparation for your trip left you feeling drained of energy. Take note of the following Top 5 tips and you will simply be bursting with energy as soon as you step on Madeiran soil. TIP 1: Madeira is an island with diverse landscapes and attractions. Before you book your holiday, decide what you really want to get out of it. If you enjoy walking, or even more strenuous hiking, then Madeira has plenty to offer. Rabacal in the north west, Porto Moniz on the extreme tip, Calheta in the south west or Machico in the south east would be ideal bases for a walking holiday. If you just want a relaxing time, but want access to all the usual trappings, then Funchal the capital city is the best location to book. If you want to experience the Madeiran culture away from the more commercialisation aimed at tourists, then think about staying in in the small northern village of Sao Jorge. Whatever your preferences, you will be greatly helped in your choice of location if you can obtain recommendations from family and friends who know your personalkes and dislikes. TIP 2: Having decided on your destination and having booked your flight, prepare well in advance. Airline travel can be stressful at the best of times and, even though many airlines fly direct to Madeira from various European airports, flying to Madeira is no exception. In order to reduce the stress on the day, if it is allowed by your carrier, print airline tickets and boarding passes at home. Today, the Internet and online booking management systems make this easy to do. Check your passport is valid. For most nationalities, you need at least 6 months clear to your passport's expiry date on the date of arrival in Madeira. Obtain adequate travel insurance, and obtain it well in advance. There is no point in getting travel insurance that covers you for a holiday cancellation due to illness the day before you are due to depart - that will not be much use if you suffer a medical condition three weeks before you are due to travel. TIP 3: Finalise all preparations the day before you fly. Have you ever watched one of those fly-on-the-wall TV airport documentaries? There is always someone who is too late to check-in because they missed their transportnk - or they left their passport at home. Do you really want to feature on the next episode? You don't want to be subject to a last minute rush so check all your documentation, finish packing your bags and confirm whatever transport you havened up to get you to the airport the day before you are due to fly. If your airline requires passport details prior to flying, make sure that you have supplied them. Funchal airport generally has relaxed custom and immigration controls so, if you have an e-passport, the electronic border check will be quick and easy. TIP 4: Remember, Madeira is highly dependent on imports. So, if you have a favourite brand of tea that you just cannot bare to go without, or if you have particular medication requirements etc. then take a good supply with you. Most shops in Funchal are open until 9pm or 10pm, but the Portuguese in general do not see a need for cans of Rice Pudding or the suchke. TIP 5: Remember this is a holiday, so enjoy yourself. You will find the local Madeiran population welcoming and friendly. As a society, they actually seem eager to please their visitors and to show off all that Madeira has to offer. Most locals are fluent in English and many have a good command of Spanish, French or German. So you should have no fear of being intimidated by a foreign culture. IN CONCLUSION: If you let it, vacations can sometimes be a stressful experience. Madeira wants you to have a pleasant stay and to return home with a multitude of happy memories. So, to make sure that you return from your travels refreshed and rested, just follow these few easy tips. Happy holidays! Robert James is a frequent visitor to Madeira. He runs an informative and useful Madeira website. Robert is well travelled and an independent writer with 30 years experience. Madeira public transport can be somewhat difficult to use due to the harsh terrain and the often infrequent service. Those wanting to explore the island should pre-book a Madeira tour.

Walking Holidays in La Manga

´╗┐If you are thinking of a fantastically holiday to Spanish holiday then consider La Manga as an option especially if you are looking for a wonderful walking holiday. La Manga is well known for its peaceful and relaxing walks through the surrounding countryside. If you are planning on treating yourself to a more up close and personal look at this beautiful area of Spain and experience some awesome sites and Spanish culture. La Manga is a really good place if you are looking for both slow-paced, contemplative walks and athletic excursions that test your endurance. The climate in La Manga and the surrounding regions has sun all year round making it an ideal place for hikers and walkers. One great place to stay in La Manga is the La Manga Club holiday resort which offers other facilities such as golf, tennis, horse riding, water sports, children's club and cycling to name a few. Once you arrive in the Spanish resort of La Manga then a great place to go walking is the Calblanque Nature Reserve. Calblanque Nature Reserve is a regional park which received protected status in 1987. The area you walk around in this nature reserve includes lovely beaches, hills, cliffs and salt flats. On route through this nature reserve you will be able to see various forms of Spanish wildlife and plantfe. IF you are more of a camping person then this nature reserve in La Manga has a designated area for camping. If you continue walking North of Calblanque Nature Reserve you will get to Mar Menor and a salt lake that provides a great background and a very peaceful environment. Close to both La Manga and Mar Menor is the Costa Calida region at the southern portion of Costa Blanca. A lot of the coastline in this area is protected so hasn't seen any tourist development and so makes for a great walking region to venture into. This protected Costa Calida region has unadulterated natural habitat for you to explore at your leisure. Close to La Manga is the Sierra de Espuna National Park. This park has the Sierra de Espuna Mountain, which is more than 5,200 feet high. Its forest offer walkers and hikers great walking challenges. If you walk in this region you can also try out rock climbing and/or horse riding. The forest also helps walkers to escape the heat in the hot summer months, as the forest provides shade. Another walking area you can try near La Manga is the Ascent of the La Fuente Hillock. If you walk all the way to the top you are faced with a fantastic view of the region and the saltwater lake. A view of La Manga is breathtaking from here, as is the view of the small islands of Cabo de Palos. So La Manga really does offer a wide range of walks available to visitors to this Spanish holiday resort. You can experience slow short beach walks or push yourself a bit further and go try out the regions rough-terrain walk which can include mountainsides and hills. You can go on a day-long walking tour or just venture out for an hour or two. So if you are looking for a great walking holiday then please consider La Manga as i go hiking there every year and even now i find new and fresh routes to take that end up taking my breath away bothterally and through the wonderful amazing views I end up being blessed with. With its wonderful beaches and coastline, La Manga truly has Spanish beauty at its most natural. Another great place to visit if you are looking for a great walking holiday is Forte Village Sardinia Freelance SEO Brighton